Contestant Information

Bucking Horse Rough Stock Rodeo Signup:

By 8/27/2018
call before 3 pm 
Leanna Melton 509-996-2439
or 509-322-2651

Day money will be paid out of entry fees

Entry fee:

$100.00 for each event, each day. You may enter events on one or both days, but you cannot enter the same event twice in the same day.

Contestants must pay admission at the gate upon entering the rodeo grounds.

Your admission will be refunded when you pay your entry fee at the rodeo office.
Ranch Saddle Bronc $3,500 (WSRRA Sanctioned)
Bull Riding $2,000
Barrel Racing $500

Junior Rodeo Signup:
Only on Memorial Weekend
Call Leanna Melton 509-996-2439 or 509-322-2651
All Junior events with main show.